Friday, March 9, 2012

Braindead - Five Years Dead

Finally after years of hard work the russian horrorpunks from Braindead released their first full lenght album 5 Years Dead via Contra Lights Records.. Formed in 2004 the band played in the best clubs of moscow and other russian cities. Since then the band was already featured on several compilations and has an ep out for download called "Back To The Horror". But now the fans can hold a complete cd in their hands. The 14 tracks of Braindeads full-lenght-debut was mixed and mastered by Jackal at the Casket Garden Studios and was then ready to leave moscow to haunt the world.

The first song of the album already shows what the next 44 minutes will be like: hard riffs combined with forward going drums and melodic guitar highlights show that the guys from Braindead know what they are doing. On the next 13 songs you  hear the strong voice of Gleb Kasady that's supported by typical howls but also other interesting backing vocals, distorted bass licks and guitar solos. The following songs also vary in their tempi – you have straight forward punk rock songs like Time Of The Living Dead but also heavy stomping beats like on Murder Blues or horror ballads as Your Life Is Mine

Furthermore you can find two guest appearances on this album. Revenant features The Crimson Ghosts and would fit on one of their albums too. Something is featured by Lon of The Fright. This one is more of a slower and heavy gothrock song. The intro of the song Innsmouth reminds me of the riff of Blitzkid’s “Return To The Living”. But only for a short time, so it seems like a quotation. The best songs and horror anthems on this record in my opinion are Return Of Leatherface and Want You Bleed. Cause these two songs show the potential of Braindead playing singalong choruses coming straight in to your brain and making you want to sing with ‘em!

Conclusion: This first album of the Russians is a good work which will satisfy horrorheads and fans of Blitzkid, The Crimson Ghosts or The Other. The album comes in a good looking artwork which reminds of Nim Vind. The only deficit I see is that some verses are sung too monotone, so I wish more melody in the vocals...and also all the best for the future of this band! 

7 from 10 Tombstones

Tracklist: (lenght: ca. 44 minutes)     
Dark Forces
Daily Dead
Time Of The Living Dead-It's So Dark
Waiting For Life
Taste It
Return Of Leatherface 
Want You Bleed
Murder Blues
Your Life Is Mine
Creature From The Black Lagoon
We Belong Dead

Review by E.A.

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