Saturday, March 9, 2013

Interview with Doyle Wolfang Von Frankenstein ("Doyle")

In public, he is pretty silent. It seems that he prefers to let his guitar do the talking for him. And it works: Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, ex-Misfits-member and legendary guitar-player in the horror-scene. Lately he changed the name from his own band "Gorgeous Frankenstein" to "Doyle". Thanks to Chris Graves, a good friend of the gang, we were able to ask him why he did so, got some answers about the upcoming album and you can read how masturbation helps him to stay in shape. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Robby Bloodshed - EP

Robby Bloodshed is called the future of horrorpunk. Well if that’s true, the future is about to begin. The kid is around for quite some time now and even put out some music with several bands, like f.e. Bad Whoremoans. But this review is about his new selftiteld solo-ep. Here you can hear how Robby grew in the last few years as a musician, and in what direction he’s heading…