Friday, February 20, 2015

The Horror Family about the scene: Keenan Murphy

Under A Nightmare

"'we're all monsters, born the same', share in this madness and carry on through the underworld!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Silent Horror - Self-Titled

Silent Horror may be new to most people. but their self-titled release is not their debut. in fact it's a re-recording of their cd "Giant Monsters from outa Space"(2009) and the "Beware"-ep (2008). the main diffrence to the original songs is, the singer that was summoned by the Red Spectre for this album: Argyle Goolsby (ex-Blitzkid). together the trio known as Silent Horror gave new life to the classic SH-songs. the new atmosphere of the music definitely makes this album one of the best releases in 2014 (even without new songs) and is a must-have for all horrorpunks outthere. 
EDIT: the fact that the band doesn't exist anymore in this constellation doesn't make the music on the album bad. just saying.

The Horror Family about the scene: Slaughter Lamb & Demon Machine


"[Horrorpunk] carrys a message beyond the created Horror atmosphere. This is inspired by people like Edgar Allan Poe and George A. Romero who also carry a political subtext in their works."