Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vagora - Darling Discordia

Being touted as their final album, Vagora threw it all out there with Darling Discordia.  A pleasant blend of sounds familiar to past Vagora and some you wouldn’t expect, this album keeps you guessing what is around the corner with each track.

Dead N' Wasted - Alcoholocaust E.P

'You Think this is a fucking costume? This is THE way to party'. After the their killer-full-length-debut 'Monsters, Sex and Rock'n'Roll' (and the Back From The Grave N' Ready To Party tour with Darrow Chemical Company), Dead N' Wasted is back again. The upcoming release Alcoholocaust EP shows that punk might be dead, but still can get you wasted. If you put this mix of raw demo-songs and punkrock-covers on, you will not be able to resist: you will have to grab some beers and have a good time.