Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Cryptkeeper Five - The Unbeatable Cry

Few bands survive what the Cryptkeeper Five have endured. Even fewer bands have made something really interesting within the music of rock n roll. And maybe that's the reason for the survival of CK5; facing the adversity of the music buisness with heart, creativity and a middle finger. It's clear to see, hear and feel that they're always doing what they want. Cause just when you think you can pin them down, when you think a "genre" would be able to justify their wild and wonderful form of rock n' roll - CK5 surprise you. They are an ever growing beast - turning setbacks into tear-dripping and mosh-pitting rock and roll. They have put - for one and a half decade - all they have into something that has meant and still means so much to so many people all around the world. And we should be lucky we get to witness it all. I know I am

Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with J~Sin Trioxin from Mister Monster

Mister Monster is somewhat of a legend in the horrorpunk-scene. With their very own style called "Boo Wop" the band gave their fans something unique. They are definitely one of our all time favorite bands and actually one of the reasons why the Graveyard Greaser Gang was founded in the first place. After years of silence, Mister Monster thrilled their fans with a reunion show last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album “Over your dead Body”. As proud Skeleton Crew members, we’re happy that we got the opportunity to ask J~Sin Trioxin some questions about the past, present and future of the band. 2-4-5...Read!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blitzkid – the end of an era

On February 12 at 6:12pm an announcement was made that shocked the Horror Punk scene: Blitzkid declared the end of the band in 2012. That is officially the end of an era. After nearly 16 years and 10 albums, T.B. Monstrosity and Argyle Goolsby put the Kid that slaughtered at the sock hop to rest. The Graveyard Greaser Gang wants to thank Blitzkid for an awesome time…

Saturday, February 18, 2012


We'd like to introduce you to: MonsterKid 
You probably know him from our profile-picture on facebook or blogspot. And you will see more of him in the future. The job of MonsterKid will be to answer all the emails you send us, act as an admin here at blogspot and maybe write some posts of his own from time to time.
With this being said: have fun in our new crypt. And if you have questions, just contact MonsterKid.

Graveyard Greaser Gang

Darrow Chemical Company - A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue

Our review about "Darrow Chemical Company - A Nightmare On Seventh Avenue" (06-10-2011).

Horrorpunk doesn’t necessarily need vampires, zombies and such things. Darrow Chemical Company proves that with their debut „A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue“. Finally something new in the nowadays rather boring „scene“. The band is still very underground which has the negativ effect that they are not as known as they’d deserve – yet! But the Darrow-members ain’t new to the „scene“. They bring years of experience, playing in bands like Mister Monster, Gotham Road and Michale Graves. Darrow Chemical Company isn‘t a typical horrorpunk-band that goes on stage with make up and fangs, playing clichee songs. They’re more about the everyday horror and experiences that changes the way you look at things…as you can hear on „A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue“.

Dr. Geek & the Freakshow - Miss Graveyard

Our review about "Dr. Geek & the Freakshow - Miss Graveyard" (10-10-2010).

Miss Graveyard is the the first ep of the german horrorpunks Dr. Geek and the Freakshow – an ep full of catchy singalongs.  The musick is a mixture of The Other, The Neo-Misfits, The Groovie Ghoulies and similar bands. The result: 24 minutes of rotting bubble-gum-punk for graveyard-parties.
You can compare this debut from the three Saarland-zombies with a casket full of melodic horror. After a creepy intro, Dr. Geek and the Freakshow haunt your ears with seven tracks bout zombies, cenobites and more – including the typical whaoo’s. Okay, there may be nothing new about the musick or lyrics. But the trio definitely knows what they are doing. Like in a candybag from halloween, the content is varied: For example, the howlings change from song to song. While Elmstreet 1428 and the title-track Miss Graveyard features rough punk-vocals, Cenobites and the rest have more melodic croons. Bone-crushing drums, blood-dripping guitar and spooky bass-lines complete their sound. The last track Zombie Girlfriend even shows another musically side of the band. It starts with a dark deathrock-like part before it turns to horrorpunk.
Through the whole ep, the sound-quality is great. Especially for a debut. Even though the debut-ep is already sold out, you can listen to some of the songs on myspace
. Make sure to keep one eye open for Dr. Geek and the Freakshow, to see what future holds for them…

6,5 of 10 Tombstones

Tracklist (Length: ca. 24 minutes)
Geek Theme
Miss Graveyard
The Hunger
Elmstreet 1428
After Midnight
Zombie Girlfriend

Aaron Omen - Beyond Villiainous

Our review about "Aaron Omen - Beyond Villiainous" (07-03-2010).

On “Beyond Villiainous” The King of Necro-Punk-A-Delica presents 15 great horrorrock-tracks.  The musick on this album sometimes reminds of The Spook, Blitzkid and The Rosedales - which is nothing bad as Aaron Omen still does his own thing. He wrote most of the songs by himself (except of two songs) telling macabre stories. You can really recognize the hard work and passion behind the album. This bastard child of rock-n-roll and nightmares is a fullblooded ghoul who brings fresh blood to the horror-scene.
Besides of the guest appearance of Argyle Goolsby (Blitzkid and 1476) “Beyond Villainous” has another awesome and innovative feature:  the two instrumental songs „The Witching Hour“ and  „Shangri La“ – not many horror-bands have that.  Both of the tunes create a great atmosphere and drown you in long gone times/places.
Talking about the songs: this cd has it all. There are some romantic songs like f.e. „My Corpse Bride“ and „We’ll die Together“ which brings back the heartbeat to any dead gurl. Other tracks such as „Kill Scene“ and „Terror At The Red Wolf Inn“ are faster, more aggressive and will move your ghoulish feet for a rocking pogo-pit. Personally I’d prefere these two songs even a bit more powerful - just to add some extra fuel to them.
After 12 creepy sing-a-long-songs (and the two instrumental tracks) the album ends with a pretty cool acoustic-cover of the Ramones-classic „Pet Sematary“.
„Beyond Villiainous“ is probably one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a damn long time and a must-have for every horrorpunk-fan. It‘s throughout a good album that belongs in your cd collection. Just buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

7 of 10 Tombstones

Tracklist (Length: 41:57 minutes)
My Corpse Bride
Kill Scene
The Spiders
Cavern of Demons
The Witching Hour
Dead Girl
The Liberation of Raccon City
Zombie Night
Saving Hitlers Brain
We’ll Die Together
Shangri La
Terror at the Red Wolf Inn
When Darkness Comes
Pet Sematary (acoustic tribute)

Interview with Calabrese 30.04.2010

This is an interview we made with Calabrese back in 2010 for our myspace-site.

Interview with The Fright 29.04.2010

This is an interview we made with The Fright back in 2010 for our myspace-site.

Interview with Blitzkid 17.04.2010

This is an interview we made with Blitzkid back in 2010 for our myspace-site.

Interview with The Coffinshakers 17.12.2009

This is an interview we made with The Coffinshakers back in 2009 for our myspace-site.

Interview with Darrow Chemical Company 01.12.2009

This is an interview we made with Darrow Chemical Company back in 2009 for our myspace-site.

Interview with Aaron Omen 30.10.2009

This is an interview we made with Aaron Omen back in 2009. 

Interview with The Cryptkeeper Five 31.07.2009

This is an interview we made with The Cryptkeeper Five back in 2009 for our myspace-site.


Interview with The Crimson Ghosts 12.07.2009

This is an interview we made with The Crimson Ghosts back in 2009 for our myspace-site.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new Crypt for the Gang

The Graveyard Greaser Gang supports bands & friends since 2004. It started in Germany but then the technical progress gave us the opportunity to create an online-graveyard. Now we’ve decided to enlarge our graveyard by building a second crypt right here (the “notes” on facebook are definitely a grave that’s too small) to share some interviews and other stuff. 
We already made interviews back in the days on myspace but stopped it since we couldn’t present them as we wanted them. But over the last few months we have got some questions from our friends and followers asking when new interviews will be posted. So that’s why we’re here and we can finally say that you don’t have to wait much longer. New stuff is in progress and will come up soon…

supporting bands & friends since 2004