Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dead N' Wasted - Alcoholocaust E.P

'You Think this is a fucking costume? This is THE way to party'. After the their killer-full-length-debut 'Monsters, Sex and Rock'n'Roll' (and the Back From The Grave N' Ready To Party tour with Darrow Chemical Company), Dead N' Wasted is back again. The upcoming release Alcoholocaust EP shows that punk might be dead, but still can get you wasted. If you put this mix of raw demo-songs and punkrock-covers on, you will not be able to resist: you will have to grab some beers and have a good time.



With American Nightmare, Dressed As Dolls and 3:56 am Dead N’ Wasted gives you three demo-versions of songs from their debut album (that you definitely need in your cd-collection too!). To quote the band, this time “the way its supposed to sound”. All three songs are straight forward rock’n’roll with influences from rock, punk and metal. Great guitar-riffs, driving drums and rowdy vocals make you wanna party right away. Only negative thing is that our favorite DNW-song, to start weekends with, Drink Up is not on the ep, but would have fit perfect - especially to the Suicidal Tendencies-inspired coverart of the ep! 
The other half of the ep is cover songs from Gang Green, Dwarves and GG Allin. DNW did an awesome job with their versions of Alcohol, Drugstore and Die When You Die. The songs are raw, full of energy and kick your ass from the first second you put them on. The DNW-touch brings those punk-classix back from the grave to the present. Cool to hear some solid punkrock, while other bands drown in mainstream music. 

The “Alcoholocaust ep” will be released in October and is limited to 200 cds and 100 cassettes! All money goes towards production of a new full-length record. So Drink Up, get yourself a copy of the ep before it’s sold out ( )…and have fun getting dead and wasted. 

(length: ca. 13 minutes)
1. Alcohol (Gang green cover)
2. American Nightmare (demo)
3. Drugstore (Dwarves cover)
4. Dressed as dolls (demo)
5. Die when you die (G.G Allin cover)
6. 356 (demo)

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