Monday, October 7, 2013

Robby Bloodshed - Vile Carnality EP

Almost every musician says about his recent release that it's the best thing he's ever done. Most of the time those statements are dead wrong - not in the case of Robby Bloodshed when he talks about his newest ep. Fuck yeah, the tracks on Vile Carnality really surprised me in a positive way. Even if his journey as musician will definitely continue, with this ep Robby found his own sound and with that a strong base for his upcoming music.But for now, let the vile carnality begin...

The opening track Withdrawal starts with a riff that makes you wanna jump around, while the chorus is designed to shout it out loud, no matter if on a live show, in your car or wherever you're listening to it. Infatuation is the second song and it has a little bit more power than the first one. It's about realizing that love won't last forever. The lyrics are a great example how Robby and his music grew up over the years. The tracks guitar solo might be nothing special but it doesn't have to be.The last of his own songs is Pest this one is probably the closest track to „ordinary“ horrorpunk on this record. It has a catchy chorus and the lyrics blast straight into your head. There is no way you're not gettin' into it – this guy really knows how to write a song.
Last song on Vile Carnality is a Ghost-cover. On his album The Last Nerve Robby already released his version of Year Zero. This time he covers Per Aspera Ad Inferi. Cause of the production the guitar riff at the beginning seems a bit softer than the original. It#s a really well done cover still the weakest song on the ep to me.

The whole ep is well produced and got a great sound. Robby Bloodshed left that cliche horrorpunk and started to do his own thing. The songs still got that kinda pop-punk sound we're familiar with but Robby mixed that sound with his own attitude and his own experiences. Definitely music you don't wanna miss. No matter your opinion on Robby's first releases, you should give Vile Carnality a try.

(length: ca. 14 minutes)
1. Withdrawal
2. Infatuation
3. Pest 
4. Per Aspera Ad Inferi

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