Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: Dr Hell - Drunken Zombies

In the last two years, Dr. Hell evolved from being "just a little ghoul" to one of the best german horrorpunk bands. With their second full-length album Drunken Zombies, they continue to bring the "punk" into horrorpunk. But while the band kept their humor in the lyrics, the music definitely changed. Compared to their debut, Drunken Zombies has more energy and sounds a bit heavier and snottier. you can hear on this album that, thanks to many live shows and partys, Dr. Hell grew as a band.... but still delivers raw punkrock and drunken fun for all you undead listeners out there.  

The second album from the doctor from hell "Drunken Zombies" starts with a short but atmospheric organ-intro. I don't really like such kinda first songs, but to be fair, together with the end of the last song "Nightmares" it is a pretty nice frame for the whole album. The first real song is "Bad Tales" that makes you sing-a-long immediately. The following three songs continue the same way and get stuck in your head with the rough vocals and a dynamic guitar.   
One of my favorites is the melodic "I Won't Pay For Sex With Rotten Bitches". A perfect example of a humorous horrorpunk song, in wich you can even find some deeper meaning...after a few beers! "GGG" is a song DrHell wrote for the Graveyard Greaser Gang. But that's not the reason why it is another favorite of mine: first of it's a damn catchy song that totally gets the spirit of our gang (haha) and second of it is the song of the first official video by Dr Hell. To quote review from a online fanszine "GGG is all about being a horrorpunk fan, and could definitely become a bit of an anthem for horrorpunk fans everywhere"
I think the title of the next song "Carl the metrosexual werewolf" speaks for itself: an awesome pop-punk song with whaoo-chorus and a message against social injustices. The second last song is very unique since it's the first Dr Hell song with the chorus sung only by their female bassist Ina Insanity.   

All in all Drunken Zombies is definitely one of the best horrorpunk albums this year and should be played at every graveyard party. If you're looking for serious songs with emotional content, you should dig up another grave. But if you're ready to have a good time, you're in the mood for some drinks and dance with Frankenstein til he falls apart again, you definitely need this cd. Last advice: no matter how drunk you are, never forget: don't pay for sex with rotten bitches. cheers

Tracklist (lenght: ca. 31 min)
1. Intro
2. Bad Tales
3. Crazies
4. Skeleton Dance
5. Zombietime
7. Alien Invasion
8. GGG
9. Carl the metrosexual werewolf
10. Poison Cabinett
11. Nightmares

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