Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reckless Dodgers - Relentless

You've been warned to "Be Prepared". Now it's time to get "Relentless". With their second album, the Reckless Dodgers give you 10 songs filled with all kind of emotions and tunes full of energy. Mountain punk at its best. This new release is a must-have for everybody who likes punkrock - especially fans of Green Day, Face To Face and such. So my advice is: put the album in your player, grab a drink...and get relentless! 

The songs on "Relentless" are about subjects everybody can relate to: heartache, closing certain chapters in life and also hope. But don't get it wrong. This release is definitely no emo-album. The music on the record is - well, most of you would probably describe it as pop punk. Powerful tunes and catchy melodies giving you a positive vibe while listening to the songs. People familiar with the debut ep "Be Prepared" will know what I mean. If you missed the debut, Relentless gives you re-recordings of "Sinking Feeling" and "Waiting". Two songs that helped to make the first ep so great. And like "Be Prepared", Relentless has a cover on it too. This time: "Bloodstains" by Agent Orange. What can I came out fucking awesome! "If It Rains" is another song some of you may know. Andrew "Stripes" Winter used the accoustic version of this one in a clip for the Reckless Dodgers indiegogo campaign. Needless to say that the album-version is much stronger and one of the highlights on the record.

Don't worry, the album contains some unheard Reckless Dodgers songs too, haha And from melodic punksongs like "Sour Taste" or "Broken" to the slower but also heavier "Escape" or "What Went Wrong" - they all kick ass. My personal favorite has to be "Hourglass". Don't know if it's the catchy melody or the lyrics that made me sing-along from the very first time I've listened to the song.
All I can say: if you like punkrock, you will like this release. So you better check it out and get yourself a copy. With this album, the Reckless Dodgers prove that they know how to rock. And I'm pretty sure they will continue to leave a mark in your minds and punkrock souls. Whether if it's on live shows or with future releases. Just like they do with Relentless. 

Tracklist (length: ca. 34minutes)
1. Sour Taste 
2. Broken 
3. Move On 
4. What Went Wrong? 
5. If It Rains 
6. Sinking Feeling 
7. Hourglass 
8. Escapè 
10. Bloodstains

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