Monday, February 16, 2015

Silent Horror - Self-Titled

Silent Horror may be new to most people. but their self-titled release is not their debut. in fact it's a re-recording of their cd "Giant Monsters from outa Space"(2009) and the "Beware"-ep (2008). the main diffrence to the original songs is, the singer that was summoned by the Red Spectre for this album: Argyle Goolsby (ex-Blitzkid). together the trio known as Silent Horror gave new life to the classic SH-songs. the new atmosphere of the music definitely makes this album one of the best releases in 2014 (even without new songs) and is a must-have for all horrorpunks outthere. 
EDIT: the fact that the band doesn't exist anymore in this constellation doesn't make the music on the album bad. just saying.

 "all killer - no filler" probably describes the 17 songs on the album the best. the songs are so catchy, because they are the perfect mix  of original Silent Horror, Blitzkid and Mistfits (Graves-area) with a little doowop touch. no matter if you listen to the faster songs like Carnival of Souls and Wolfsbane or slower ones like Violent Side and my personal favorite Teenage Homcide, you can't deny the energy of this release. and the sing-along-character of the songs will songs will make sure that they get stuck in your head for a looong time - you will not get bored of the album no matter how often you listen to it.

I will not point out a certain song here. it wouldn't be fair because every song is an highlight for itself. so is the artwork of the cd and the vinyl. the only thing I would complain about is that there is not even one new song on it. just to see where the band stands right now or to give the fans a direction where Silent Horror plans to go to. but that would be complaining on a high comfort level. the production of the cd is great - you can put it in one list with albums like "Misfits - Famous Monsters". this selftitled gem is worth every dollar (or euro or yen or whatever money you use) and belongs in every serious horrorpunk collection. The Seance Has Begun? I'd say: "you don't need medicine to heal yourself..." you need to get this album and spin it til your ears bleed.

Tracklist (length: ca. 38minutes):
1. Son of Frankenstein
2. Drink of your Blood
3. The Tingler
4. Carnival of Souls
5. Violent Side
6. Paranormal
7. Grindhouse Ride
8. Wolfsbane
9. Bride to be
10. Evil Dead
11. Teenager Homocide
12. Equilibrium
13. Giant Monsters
14. Beware
15. Mr Brooks
16. Wretched I am
17. Chainsaw

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