Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Gathering of None - Nothing Left To Lose

A Gathering of None, or "AGON" as their initials state, is a   band that is bringing back a certain 90's inspired edge to rock music that is missing in the indie/DIY music scene these days.  Let me enlighten you folks a bit.  A Gathering of None is a New England based ensemble with the likes of former co-founder/singer/songwriter & guitarist whom most of you have  come  to know as TB Monstrosity of the Virginia based band Blitzkid.  Let’s fast forward to 2015 and   just call him Tracy Byrd, and a band that is a whole new beast to be reckoned with!

The lineup A Gathering of None has assembled could be considered an underground super group of sorts. Joining Tracy is another original member of Blitzkid who went   in a different   direction once the scene was established and that man is Chris White. Chris White, or “Dukey”,   has been a part of the music scene in southwest VA for just as long, mostly in the early days with Tempal and then later forming the band This Machine. Joining these two men on the bass & throwing in back-up vocals is Doug Schwenker, a man who you may recognize from his work with NJ based band Darrow Chemical Company. Doug has joined forces with Tracy, Chris & now Justin Travis Osborn, who handles rhythm and lead guitars and backing vocals.  Justin has been a member of the San Antonio music scene for more than a decade laying  down  riffs and vocals in bands such as Celebrity Sex Scandal and The Bloodfuckers. 

"Nothing Left To Lose” is definitely a bold title for   an album, but it backs that up from the opening track and beyond.  Even without knowing the history of the band or the members, its full of energy & attitude that gets your attention right off. This is the 2nd. release from the east coast rockers, with the prior independently released 4 song EP "Purging Empty Promises" that debuted in 2013.
But speaking of said band members & history, this band has it's very own unique collection of some very talented guys that have been doing this along time, & had you told me that I'd one day get to hear this side of their talent and the way is just flows together, the emotion & just straight up ROCK behind it, I may have been in dis-belief. But nonetheless, it’s there,   it’s hard hitting & is a GREAT follow up to the 1st. EP that left you wanting more. The band has  sounds & Influences that go back to the likes of Ignite, The Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Helmet, Corrosion of Conformity, Farside, Miltown, Alice in Chains just to name a few.  “Nothing Left to Lose”   was recorded & tracked @ Sonic Design Studios & Engineered by Mike Stephenson in Bristol,TN. , and is also the first release for the Maryland/DC area based Label Devils Music. This album is somewhat concept based with every lyrical theme detailing loss on a personal level  to some degree, yet it pulls you in with it’s fast upbeat guitar riffs. The twelve songs contained on this album remind me of the kind of rock records that were standard for bands going in the direction of the influences listed above,   yet sounds fresh in 2015. For anyone familiar with Tracy’s earlier work, you are definitely in store for something much different, but just as enjoyable.

Track Listing (lenght ca. 48minutes):
1. Fall where they may
2. Harry Houdini
3. Right there with you
4. A Perfect Plan
5. Always the hard way
6. Like a Razor Blade
7. Ryhme or Reason
8. Light my way
9. Blueprint
10.The death of a friend
11.Fading Away
12.Abandon Ship

The artwork/layout & Design is also a great fit for this release, and was handled by  Charlie J.J. Krueger
Guest appearances on the album feat. the following  artists:
Jonah Carden -Solo on Harry Houdini & 1st. Guitar Solo on Ryhme & Reason
Patrick Carter (Appearing courtesy of Stonecaster) Guest Vocals on Ryhme & Reason
John Lancaster (Appearing courtesy of John Lancaster & CHUM) Guest vocals on Always The Hard Way...

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