Friday, April 20, 2012

The Fright - The Fright

The Fright are back from the dead. Since their new album is self-titled, they seem to found their sound with this fourth release. While the first two were Samhain-influenced horrorpunk, the band showed with “Born To Be Dead” that they’d head into another direction. So people who expect The Fright to be a horrorpunk-record may be abit disappointed. But the album definitely rocks (literally)! What The Fright gives you here is dark'n'sleazy – a combination of glam- and gothrock mixed with their horror-roots. So get dressed in black, grab a bottle of whisky and join the midnight revolution…

Okay, leather, chains and rock’n’roll sound like the late eighties. True. But sleaze-rock has returned. Inspired by Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Guns’n’Roses, many bands take the torch (or should I say “the Jacky-bottle”) and let this spirit live on. And while one of the big names these days “Crash Diet” grows a wild generation, The Fright actually starts and leads a Midnight Revolution – and the self-titled cd is the perfect soundtrack for it. It’s full of catchy songs, sing-along-lyrics and sleazy guitar-riffs.

It starts with a true party-song called Late Night Affections that just screams for sex, party and rock'n'roll. The perfect warm up at home with a whiskey before you go down town to tear it apart is 666 Full Speed Ahead. Most of you know that one from the video that was banned from youtube but is back now – if you don’t, check it out! With Cemetery Of Hearts and Beloved Night the band gives you a little break to breath before the revolution continues. They may be two of the slower songs but they still have passion and power. Beloved Night even reminds me on Guns’n’Roses – especially with the Don’t-Cry-kinda end. The Highlight has to be Midnight Revolution. What The Fright created here is nothing else but a hymn that not only works on cd but especially live. Besides of that you find powerful rock-songs with piano (Black Rose), Gothrock with killer guitar-soli and (Alive & Dead), fast glam-metal (Death Blow Freedom) and rock with a driving beat (Sweet Desire).
The album also contains two features: Sin City with Ghoultown is a perfect song for a fistfight in a bar. And Nightstalker Returns with The Crimson Ghosts is a 69-Eyes-kinda goth-rock song. My personal favorite would be Avenger Of Crow. It’s also one of the most horrorrock-songs, not only ‘cause it starts with a Sarah-quote from the movie “The Crow”. The guitar-intro of the following song also reminds me on that movie. The song is called Believe In Angels and is actually the only true ballad of the record. Don’t know if it’s the piano or the guitar-soli but listening to it, on some parts I feel November Rain falling down. With this song the cd ends.

Throughout the whole album you listen to great 80’s-influenced songs with horror-attidute. They’re catchy enough for sleaze- and glamrockers, dark enough for the gothrockers and horrorpunk enough for fans of the older stuff from The Fright. The rhythm-section is more than solid, the guitar has gone from good to great and the backvocals just fit the songs perfect.  Lons voice is an instrument on its own that goes from typical The Fright-singing over deeper gothrock-style to 80’s screams. But he keeps the balance. So don’t worry, the Fright-guys haven’t lost their horror-sound, it’s still there. “This is Life, This is Death, And this is their Time!”

8,5 from 10 Tomstones

Tracklist: (Length: ca. 56 minutes)
Late Night Affcetions
Sweet Desire
666 Full Speed Ahead
Cemetery Of Hearts
Beloved Night
Death Blow Freedom
Midnight Revolution
Black Rose
Alive & Dead
Sin City
Nightstalker Returns
Avenger Of Crow
Believe In Angels

Review by P.G.

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