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Interview with Robby Bloodshed from Robby Bloodshed & the Hitmen / Deadly Nights

Robby Bloodshed has been called the future of Horrorpunk. Still young he has already released an ep and shared the stage with bands such as Sardonica, The Cryptkeeper Five and Blitzkid. But thats not all: Robby keeps himself busy working on a new album and even joined a second band that will not only bring out their debut in 2012 but also playing the legendary Ghouls Night Out X-Festival. This hard working guy has come a long way in the New Jersey punk scene since he started in 2009. Reason enough for us to ask Robby a few questions to see whats behind this monster-teen.

Graveyard Greaser Gang: When did you start playing music/writing songs?
Robby Bloodshed: Well , about 6 or 7 years ago. I picked up a guitar and starting learning the basics. When I was 11 I started messing around with a 4 track recorder and playing out songs haha. 

GGG: Why did it turn out to be horrorpunk?
RB: I guess because of The Misfits haha. Its so much fun , ya know. I love horror themes and punk. so it just comes naturally. 

GGG: How much time do you spend on making music?
RB: Whenever I can. Anytime I’m not in school, I’m either recording, writing, looking for shows or just new ideas for my music. 

GGG: Your main-influence is Blitzkid. What makes their music so special to you?
RB: Its not just like any other horror band. Its just whoa and a cheesey Glenn impersonation. Most of their songs have real life horrors and whatnot. And to be honest they’re just sooo damn catchy ! hah

GGG: What else influences your music?
RB: Like in my answer above , I try NOT to write just about just horror flicks. In my recent music that I’ve recorded for my upcoming self titled album, I’ve written about life experiences, real life tragedies and just pure emotions. 

Robby Blodshed on stage with Argyle Goolsby from Blitzkid

 GGG: You have an “RB and the Hitmen”-ep out already. Tell us about it.
RB: That was great. I have 45 Dave from The Zombie Mafia on drums, Zombie Alex from The Undead on rhythm guitar and me on vocals/bass/guitar. It was my FIRST time actually recording anything and it was all my material I tried getting together. I’m still very proud of that e.p. 

GGG: You also shared stage with diffrent horrorpunk-bands. Which experience on stage do you treasure the most so far?
RB: Hands down, when I opened for Blitzkid. And on their tradition ending, I came up on stage for Nosferatu and played bass! 

GGG: What band would you like to share stage with (dead/alive) and why?
RB: Probably KISS or Danzig. Kiss because I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since I even knew what punk was. They’re just pure amazing. And Danzig because he’s basically what inspired me to pursue a band and whatnot.

GGG: You also play in a band called “Deadly Nights”. How did this band come together?
RB: Deadly Nights is so much fun to be apart of. When I first saw ‘’The Misfits’’ when I was 9 years old I saw the original line up of The Zombie Mafia with their OG singer Kaan (who is the singer of DN) and I’ve been friends with all of them since and loved their work. Well, in 2009 Kaan and TZM split and now he’s starting a band up and I joined to be the bass player.  

GGG: You’re working on a DN-album right now. What can you tell us about it?
RB: It’s fucking EPIC. So far we have around 6 tracks done. It’s coming along great. I’ve actually been playing drums on all the tracks so far as well as guitar/bass too! So its been so much fun. 

Deadly Night working on their debut "You Can't Kill What's Already Dead"

GGG: What is the main-difference between RB&tH and DN?
RB: For Robby Bloodshed and The Hitmen, I write all the material and whatnot. For Deadly Nights Kaan is the key part of the writing process and he has different influences than me so its obviously going to be different in some aspects. 

GGG: On GNO 1 you were like 4 years old. Now you play GNO X with Deadly Nights: how do you feel about this?
RB: Hahaha, its amazing. I’m going to be opening for my favorite bands ever. I cant wait for this show! 

GGG: What are your plans with your two bands?
RB: I want to try to get known, like everyone else does. I really am putting 100% into both and hopefully everyone with see the effects from that. 

GGG: What can people expect from you in 2012?
RB: Two albums that I’m on, and a shitloada shows haha.

GGG: Anything you wanna add?
RB: Thanks GGG , means a lot for interviewing me! and to everyone reading this, check out my bands, you will find them on facebook. 

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  1. Good Luck Robby !!You definitely have the dedication to make the Big Time !! Rock on !!