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Interview with Hellgreaser

Hellgreaser is part of the new horrorpunk-breed that is rising in germany right now. Existing for only a year, they already released a debut-ep in the style of The Rosedales and Blitzkid - nothing new to the genre, but kinda unique for the german scene. So they started to grow a small but loyal fanbase.  And the number of these 'Slaves of the Night' expands with every gig. We wanted to learn more about these Greasers from Hell and invited them to our graveyard to ask them some questions.

Graveyard Greaser Gang: Would you please introduce yourselves?
Slaughter Lamb: I’m the singer and guitar-player. For years I used to play as a one-man-monster show. But when I found these two killer musicians, there was no second to wait. We started Hellgreaser and the slaughter began.
Demon Machine: I play the drums. I’m also the drummer for the rock'n'roll-band Mad Chapel. But one day in a filthy club I began to shake. I watched myself in the mirror and I saw the blood splash up as I transformed into a demon machine who now plays drums in this band.
Screaming Hairy: I’m the bass player of the band. My dad, a werewolf, taught me how to play bass and how to comb my hair. My vampire-mom told me how to paint my face to give people a wild time on the stage.So that's what I'm doing.

GGG: What made you start a horrorpunk-band?
SL: When I picked up a guitar for the first time, I just played some punk-songs I liked. But I got bored so I wrote my own stuff and I thought they’d sound much better if someone would add some demonic drums and beastly bass. That’s why I looked out for some creatures who share my passion for that kind of musick. The rest is history.
HS: 10 years ago I played bass in a Misfits-coverband. After that I joined several punk'n'roll bands. But around the time when I met Slaughter and saw his talent, I found my love for horrorpunk again.
DM: Since I first saw Blitzkid in 2007 I was fascinated by this genre. Gradually I got more and more into horror-music. When Slaughter and Hairy came to me and asked me to join the band, it was the next logical step for me to take. 

GGG:  Please tell us how it is these days to be a new band in a genre like horrorpunk?
SL:  It’s not easy. We only have a small rehearsal room ‘cause the rents for such rooms are damn high. And it’s kinda impossible to get booked for shows when you’re in a three-piece band that no one knows. So we had to get a homepage and gain some fans first.
HS: True. After that we got some feedback that was very positive, we finally we were able to play a lot of gigs.  
SL:  And it’s amazing to see that people who like our music. Even people who don’t listen to that kinda music normally. I guess we are not only a horrorpunkband but a punkrockband . Especially ‘cause we have thoughtful and socially critical lyrics too, which we combine with the horror concept.

Hellgreaser loves to play for their fans.
GGG:  How would you describe the horrorpunk-scene in Germany today?
SL:  I’d say that in the past, there were more wild shows than nowadays. But since a year back now a new breed of bands and fans rise – we’re on our way, baby! However, since we’re all horrorpunk-fans, we’ll never forget or disrespect the founders of the scene.
HS: I agree with Slaughter. Horrorpunk is a special kind of music that deserves to continue. The next generation might still need some time to grow and nobody can say what the future has in store for the scene. But we’re here to make sure that it will be a hellish good time.
DM: Right now I love it. For a longer answer ask me again in a few years. 

GGG:  On stage you wear facepaint and enter the roles of your alteregos. Why and how did you come up with it?
SL: Facepaint? Alterego? That’s our true selves! Hahah. Seriously, my character is a psychotic and drug-loving murderer who thinks he is a lamb. Too weird? Well, such thoughts come up when you spend too much time drinking in hell.
DM: Demon Machine obviously refers to the Blitzkid-song. I just loved the energy these guys spread when I saw them playing live. It’s a kinda tribute to the first horrorpunkband I saw live…and it describes the way I hit the drums.
HS: My character is inspired by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Screaming Lord Sutch. These two musicians inspired me a lot - their style of making music and representing on the stage. With the werewolf and vampire background I just added a horror-factor with two of my favorite creatures. 

GGG:  How would you describe your style to people who haven't heard to your music yet?
SL: We actually mix different styles. Sometimes it’s more gothrock, sometimes it’s more punkrock.
DM: All in all I’d say we play mid-tempo punkrock.
HS: Yes, mid-tempo punk rock fits good. But with influences from gothic and batcave. 

GGG:   What are your influences for your music?
SL:  Blitzkid is one of my favorite bands. When it comes to the vocals, I absolutely love the voice of Vlad from The Crimson Ghosts. .
DM: My biggest influence would be Nim Vind. Tony Kirkham is one of my favorite drummers ever. Besides of that I really enjoy The Crimson Ghosts too.
HS: The Rosedales and Blitzkid are our biggest influences. Besides of that we like to listen to Nim Vind, Vladimirs and Calabrese. My personal influence is The Sisters of Mercy from the early 90s. 

The debut ep "The Humans Must Die"

GGG:  You already have a debut-ep out: "The Humans Must Die". How is the feedback so far?
SL:  It’s been very good. And I wanna thank everybody who bought it, enjoyed the ep and sent us positive comments. It means a lot to us.
DM: Yes, the reactions of the fans are awesome. Unfortunately I’m not playing on this record but I promise that you will hear me on the next one!

GGG:  Why did you release the ep only in a digital form?
SL:  We released it digitally ‘cause it was the cheapest way for us at that time. Being a DIY-band isn’t easy but we wanted to offer something to our fans.
HS: We have to plan things carefully before we start them. At the moment we work on the cd-version of “The Humans Must Die”. It will come out on our own label "Vladek Records".

GGG:  When can we expect the regular cd?
SL:  We’re still working on the looks but plan to release it at the end of September. So, stay tuned, you will love it!
DM: And when “Humans Must Die” is done, we start working on a new album. But we don’t have a schedule for it yet.
HS: Can’t wait to start with the new record. We even have some songs we play live already like: “Black Velvet”, “Bloody Moonlight Dance” or “At The Dark Graveyard”.  

Hellgreaser playing live on "Viva La Horror Fest"
GGG:  Even if Hellgreaser doesn't exist for that long, you’ve already shared stage with alot of bands. Which show was your favorite so far?
SL:  We had the opportunity to play with genre-icons like Bloodsucking Zombies and The Crimson Ghosts. These are the bands that influenced me for years. Especially The Crimson Ghosts. And now we could share stage with them. That was amazing!!! They’re really cool guys.
HS: It was a pleasure for us to play with such bands. On Viva La Horror Fest we also shared stage with some other "next-generation"-horrorbands from Germany. Such as Jamey Rottencorpse and Angelstrife. But also The Crimson Ghosts. That was pretty cool.
DM: That show was awesome! 

GGG:  What other bands would you like to play with?
SL: Blitzkid. Too bad they’re quitting. Maybe when they play a reunion-show in a few years. Besides of that it would be cool to play with The Vladimirs, Misfits and Nim Vind.
DM: Definitely Blitzkid and Nim Vind
HS: Huh, personally I like a lot of horrorpunk-bands and would like to meet and share stage with them. But On top of my wishlist would be bands like Blitzkid, Nim Vind, The Rosedales, Vladimirs, Calabese, Balzac, The Spook and maybe Nuke And The Living Dead. 

GGG:  What are your plans for 2012?
SL:  Writing songs, record them and create a new album. A split-ep would be cool too. Plus in 2013 we wanna play WGT and Amphi festival.
DM: Maybe some recordings.and gigs, gigs, gigs….
HS: … and giving the audience a hell of a time! 

GGG:  Thanks for the interview. Anything you wanna add?
SL:  Thank you for having us. Hope to meet some of you guys and horror-freaks at one of our next shows.  Feel free to talk to me and drink with me in hell.
DM: Check out our music on Amazon and iTunes or on a live-show next to your graveyard.  I’d be happy to see you on the next show!
HS: Give me blood or give me death and don’t forget to follow us on facebook! Let the horror-punk live long, you scum bags!

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