Friday, November 23, 2012

THEM! - Risen From Perdition

What do we have to expect from THEM! ? Well, I know there is a Misfits-coverband around with the same name, but our THEM! are not simply a coverband. They write their own songs and that's how it's got to be: loud and fast! If i had to describe the sound of the band I'd say it's something between the 90's Misfits and the Crimson Ghosts... probably there is a load of other influences.

Risen From Perdition is the first release of this Ghouls from Nuremberg, Germany. It's a well produced ep with six tracks. First of these Songs is There For Your Blood, it starts with something like a radio intro. After that it will blow you away with a heavy riff. The next song is Atomic Giant Liizard Thing  - my personal favorite – probably because it's about Godzilla. It has a catchy chorus and a cool bassline followed by a little solo. Up next we got Graveyard Romeo wich is some kind of a midtempo ballad. Dagon Rises and The Hunger Inside are one track on the record: Dagon slows the whole thing a little bit down though, but it doesn't mean it's a bad song. The Hunger Inside kicks fuckin' ass! It has reminds me a bit on the 69 Eyes. If you listen to it, you gotta scream the lyrics out loud. The last one is called We Are The Ghouls: a singalong song at it's best. I'm totally into the backing vocals of that one.

So what else is to say? All the lyrics are well written and horror-based: simply horrorpunk! As I said before, the production is good too. So we got a debut record of a german band wich has great riffs, vocals, lyrics and really doesn't have to hide behind the bigger bands in the german scene.

Don't try to bring'em down – They are impossible to beat - BEWARE OF THEM!

7 from 10 Tombstones 

(lenght: ca. 18 minutes):
1. There For More Blood
2. Atomic Giant Lizard Thing
3. Graveyard Romeo
4. Dagon Rises / The Hunger Inside
5. We Are The Ghouls

Review by D.D.S.

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