Friday, March 1, 2013

Robby Bloodshed - EP

Robby Bloodshed is called the future of horrorpunk. Well if that’s true, the future is about to begin. The kid is around for quite some time now and even put out some music with several bands, like f.e. Bad Whoremoans. But this review is about his new selftiteld solo-ep. Here you can hear how Robby grew in the last few years as a musician, and in what direction he’s heading…

This ep may have only five tracks but still shows you different sides of Robby Bloodshed. It has not only three original songs on it (including a live-one) but also two cover-songs, so you gain some insight where he gets his inspiration from: Blitzkid and Samhain.
The first Song on the EP is called Murder Mile. It got a catchy tune and nice guitar riffs. It's a pretty cool pop-punk song with a light bubble-gum flavor. Just like the newer songs of f.e. Green Day, this track would even fit to the soundtrack of a higschool-movie. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.
Murder Mile is followed by Would You Miss Me. I guess I like that song best on the ep. It’s more original than the first one and got more of that (horror)punkrock attitude – not only because of the Wooo’s. It’s just too bad that the song is so damn short.
The last original song is Vietprom. It's a live-recording and unfortunately pretty short too. But if the first two songs were too slow for you, that one goes nuts! A straight punk-song that will kick your ass – pogo-alarm!
Now we get to the two covers. First one is Archangel by Samhain. What should I say about a already great song like that? Well, Robby took the style of this classic and carried it into 2013 – and it fuckin' works! This is great work and it's nice to listen to a well recorded version of that samhain-tune!
Last but not least we have Blitzkid's Sammy gone wrong. A great choice by Robby Bloodshed for a cover, especially as it really fits to his own material. The song is catchy, awesome played and sung and is a great ending of an ep that’s way too short.
The whole ep is produced well and the vocals fit to every song – I have to admit: Archangel really surprised me! One thing that disappointed me is the fact that the two coversongs take more than half of the full length. Anyway, get your copy and listen to “a mad Robby Bloodshed's going insane!”

(lengh: ca. 13 minutes):
1. Murder Mile
2. Would You Miss Me
3. Vietprom
4. Archangel
5. Sammy Gone Wrong

Review by D.D.S. 

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