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Interview with Doyle Wolfang Von Frankenstein ("Doyle")

In public, he is pretty silent. It seems that he prefers to let his guitar do the talking for him. And it works: Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, ex-Misfits-member and legendary guitar-player in the horror-scene. Lately he changed the name from his own band "Gorgeous Frankenstein" to "Doyle". Thanks to Chris Graves, a good friend of the gang, we were able to ask him why he did so, got some answers about the upcoming album and you can read how masturbation helps him to stay in shape. 

Graveyard Greaser Gang: First off, you changed the name of your band from "Gorgeous Frankenstein" to "Doyle". Why did you do that?

Doyle: We changed the name because nobody came to see us with that name. I had 15 people at night at the Danzig shows that we opened up for him saying"I didn't know your band was playing!". Now with the new band name they are not gonna miss it. In addition we have moved far beyond the original Gorgeous Frankenstein framework. This new material is really closer to what I wanted the band to be.

GGG: Who are the band-members of "Doyle"?
D: Alex Story (Cancerslug) is on vocals, Dr.Chud (ex-Misfits/Dr.Chuds X-Ward) is on drums, left-hand Graham (ex-Graves, ex-Let It Burn) is on bass and I'm still on guitar.
GGG: After what criteria did you choose your band members?
D: I put ads out in all the magazines in New York and LA looking for a singer and Alex was the first one who sent something.He has been sending me 20 songs of Cancerslug and they were all great. I listened to the whole thing. Every other CD or tape that I got went into the garbage after about two seconds.
Graham played bass in Dr.Chuds X-Ward for a while. We needed a bass player and Dr.Chud said "How about Graham?" so I said "Bring him down!". He learned 11 songs in a week which to me took a lot of months and he did them perfect!

GGG: How would you describe the music of "Doyle"?
D: Everybody who listens to it nobody knows how it sounds like. I don't really know how it sounds like.Hopefully it sounds like a mix of Punkrock and Black Sabbath. That would be good!
GGG: The fans are waiting for years now to listen to a new Doyle-album. Why does it take so long?
D: I financed the whole album out of my own pocket with no help from anyone or any label. I've bought all the equipment to record it and now we're mixing it. I'm in about $20.000 mixing it which really blows.Do these people think songs fall out of the fucking sky? I have to fucking write them and we still write them.I write songs every fucking day. We are finally recording the second album and the first one is not even done!So we do two records at once. That's why!

"Doyle", the band
 GGG: When can they expect a new album and can you tell us a little bit more about it?
D: We are looking for a new label right now. The new album is called Abominator and there will be 11 songs on it. We're going to press a bunch of advanced copies and selling them at the upcoming Danzig shows.

GGG: Are you involved in the ‘writing lyrics’-part too or do you only write the tunes for the guitar?
D: I just write music (guitars, drums & bass) and Alex does all the lyrics.

GGG: Horrorpunk-musicians like Graves, T.B. Monstrosity and George Grant play now non-horror-music. Is that a way your new band may walk to in the future or will the band stays horror-related?
D: We just do what we do. You think Cancerslug is fucked up? Just look who is writing this shit. It's dark but he means every fucking word he says!

GGG:What’s your fav music to listen to yourself? F.e. what was the last album you bought?

D: Cancerslug and Black Sabbath. I think I bought the new Van Halen record. It was horrible!

GGG: Are you a horror-movie-fan, and if so: what’s your fav?
D: Yes I am a big horror movie fan. I like the original King Kong. That's my favourite! When I was a kid I wanted to do that stop-motion animation. Now nobody does it anymore because of these fucking computers. I also like Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein and The Wolfman.

GGG: What are your thoughts about the 25th anniversary tour with Danzig?
D: I'm surprised because I just found out about that last week when Glenn called me. He told me I'm going to Europe and Canada. 

Doyle on stage with Danzig

GGG: Rumours saying you don’t like to travel. Is that true?
D: No, it's not true! I like to travel but the only thing you get to see on tour is the tour bus and the clubs.

GGG: What’s your memory about Europe when you toured there with the Misfits?
D: Getting so sick three times! We played 43 shows in 42 days. You guys have different germs than us. So when we come there and run in a club we breath everything in and out. And we are breathing so heavy on stage we get sick as fuck!

GGG: When you compare the fans back in your Misfits-days and now, is there a big difference?
D: I think everything was more crazy back then but the shows are way bigger now. Our fans are still all-ages. We also get kids there from 5 to 15.

GGG: Tell us a funny road trip story.
D: I can't! They are dirty! 

Doyle's 'Made In Hell' hot sauce

GGG: Back to "Doyle". How comes that there was a Doyle-hot sauce but nothing really band-related in quite some time?

D: We don't have any money to buy or print T-Shirts. I mean what's more important? New merchandise or a new record!? We got plans for a new Hot Sauce called Abominator that contains the infamous "ghost pepper" (Bhut Jolokia).It's the world's hottest chili pepper and we're gonna use that because I said "Let's make an abominator one!". 

GGG: How do you keep your upper body fit?
D: Masturbation with both hands! I use weights, proteine and a bunch of vitamins. That's it. I like "Isopure".

GGG: Why is it so hard to get an interview with you/why don’t you say so much in interviews?
D: 1. I have no idea. You have to ask my department guy to get an interview with me.
2. I have nothing to say. I'm in the conversation in my brain but I'm not saying anything.

GGG: Thanks for answering our questions. We appreciate it...  

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