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Aaron Omen - Beyond Villiainous

Our review about "Aaron Omen - Beyond Villiainous" (07-03-2010).

On “Beyond Villiainous” The King of Necro-Punk-A-Delica presents 15 great horrorrock-tracks.  The musick on this album sometimes reminds of The Spook, Blitzkid and The Rosedales - which is nothing bad as Aaron Omen still does his own thing. He wrote most of the songs by himself (except of two songs) telling macabre stories. You can really recognize the hard work and passion behind the album. This bastard child of rock-n-roll and nightmares is a fullblooded ghoul who brings fresh blood to the horror-scene.
Besides of the guest appearance of Argyle Goolsby (Blitzkid and 1476) “Beyond Villainous” has another awesome and innovative feature:  the two instrumental songs „The Witching Hour“ and  „Shangri La“ – not many horror-bands have that.  Both of the tunes create a great atmosphere and drown you in long gone times/places.
Talking about the songs: this cd has it all. There are some romantic songs like f.e. „My Corpse Bride“ and „We’ll die Together“ which brings back the heartbeat to any dead gurl. Other tracks such as „Kill Scene“ and „Terror At The Red Wolf Inn“ are faster, more aggressive and will move your ghoulish feet for a rocking pogo-pit. Personally I’d prefere these two songs even a bit more powerful - just to add some extra fuel to them.
After 12 creepy sing-a-long-songs (and the two instrumental tracks) the album ends with a pretty cool acoustic-cover of the Ramones-classic „Pet Sematary“.
„Beyond Villiainous“ is probably one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a damn long time and a must-have for every horrorpunk-fan. It‘s throughout a good album that belongs in your cd collection. Just buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

7 of 10 Tombstones

Tracklist (Length: 41:57 minutes)
My Corpse Bride
Kill Scene
The Spiders
Cavern of Demons
The Witching Hour
Dead Girl
The Liberation of Raccon City
Zombie Night
Saving Hitlers Brain
We’ll Die Together
Shangri La
Terror at the Red Wolf Inn
When Darkness Comes
Pet Sematary (acoustic tribute)

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