Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Cryptkeeper Five - The Unbeatable Cry

Few bands survive what the Cryptkeeper Five have endured. Even fewer bands have made something really interesting within the music of rock n roll. And maybe that's the reason for the survival of CK5; facing the adversity of the music buisness with heart, creativity and a middle finger. It's clear to see, hear and feel that they're always doing what they want. Cause just when you think you can pin them down, when you think a "genre" would be able to justify their wild and wonderful form of rock n' roll - CK5 surprise you. They are an ever growing beast - turning setbacks into tear-dripping and mosh-pitting rock and roll. They have put - for one and a half decade - all they have into something that has meant and still means so much to so many people all around the world. And we should be lucky we get to witness it all. I know I am

So, here we have The Unbeatable Cry. This album is rawer, and a bit darker, than their last two albums. And I find myself loving every track on this one. Twelve songs that just fit perfectly together. It's the kind of album I can listen to from begininng to end with out wanting to "skip to the favorite track". The production of this album is just great. Who ever mixed and mastered it did a solid job, and every song is presented in a near perfect sound. My favorite tracks would have to be: The Unbeatable Cry, Love Song, Exit Stage Left and Of Very Small Brains. And honorable mentions goes to their version of Members Missing - in which they nailed the gloomy grimness that is the Green Goblyn Project, while still making the song into their own. As for Johnnys vocals; he has have really grown. The desperation is there. So is the heartbroken fury that is his lyrics. But gone is the fifties "bop", replaced by a now even rawer, filthier voice. A vocal preformance that cut into your chest like a shred of broken glas, and intoxicates you like a well-shaken cocktail of Joey Ramone, Meatloaf, Glenn Danzig and Tom Waits.

One thing Im not amazed by is the cover of the album. It's not bad, and I do not disslike it. But compared to the really cool covers they have had before this one - it leaves me a bit unimpressed. But that's far from a problem. This record is so good, that I don't even care if it has an album cover or not. Also, as a Blitzkid fan, I was very amused when I first heard the song Vulture Vulture, and thought "..waaaaait a minute!". Not sure if CK5 payed a tribute to the Blitzkid song "The Casque of Amontillado", or if it was the other way around. Nevertheless; it's always good to hear the two together, in one way or another.

In conclusion: The Unbeatable Cry is a killer album. The Cryptkeeper Five is an amazing band, and I sincerely hope that they keep on growing, keep fighting and keep on being the inspiration that they are. Eagerly I await the future of CK5, and I look forward to experience all what they have left to offer. I know they are far, far from done. To quote Danny & the Juniors; "..rock n' roll is here to stay. It will never die".

9 from 10 Tombstones

Tracklist: (Length: ca. 40 minutes)

The Unbeatable Cry 
The Making Of A Roadside Attraction
Save My Bones For Davy Jones
Black Hearts Dawn
The Death Of Hope
Exit Stage Left
Members Missing
Sweep The Leg, Johnny
Not For Nuthin' / Rats
Vulture, Vulture
Of Very Small Brains
Love Song

Review by H.H.

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