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Dr. Geek & the Freakshow - Miss Graveyard

Our review about "Dr. Geek & the Freakshow - Miss Graveyard" (10-10-2010).

Miss Graveyard is the the first ep of the german horrorpunks Dr. Geek and the Freakshow – an ep full of catchy singalongs.  The musick is a mixture of The Other, The Neo-Misfits, The Groovie Ghoulies and similar bands. The result: 24 minutes of rotting bubble-gum-punk for graveyard-parties.
You can compare this debut from the three Saarland-zombies with a casket full of melodic horror. After a creepy intro, Dr. Geek and the Freakshow haunt your ears with seven tracks bout zombies, cenobites and more – including the typical whaoo’s. Okay, there may be nothing new about the musick or lyrics. But the trio definitely knows what they are doing. Like in a candybag from halloween, the content is varied: For example, the howlings change from song to song. While Elmstreet 1428 and the title-track Miss Graveyard features rough punk-vocals, Cenobites and the rest have more melodic croons. Bone-crushing drums, blood-dripping guitar and spooky bass-lines complete their sound. The last track Zombie Girlfriend even shows another musically side of the band. It starts with a dark deathrock-like part before it turns to horrorpunk.
Through the whole ep, the sound-quality is great. Especially for a debut. Even though the debut-ep is already sold out, you can listen to some of the songs on myspace
. Make sure to keep one eye open for Dr. Geek and the Freakshow, to see what future holds for them…

6,5 of 10 Tombstones

Tracklist (Length: ca. 24 minutes)
Geek Theme
Miss Graveyard
The Hunger
Elmstreet 1428
After Midnight
Zombie Girlfriend

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