Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Horror Family about the scene: Hoax T. Massacre

Fifthy Two Ways

 "horror doesn't necessarily mean 'blood and guts' or even death. horror is an emotion that, normally, doesn't get exorcised that much. that's why it's so powerful."

Graveyard Greaser Gang: "horrorpunk is not a genre, it's a scene"! what does this mean to you?
Hoax T. Massacre: it means that the fans of this type of music are what make the music happen. ALL walks of life come to these shows. metal heads, punks, rockers and regular joes. all come together and have a good time TOGETHER. "genre" is too black and white. "scene" is more personable.

GGG: how would you describe horrorpunk to people who are not familiar with the music/scene?
HTM: simply, punkrock about monsters, ghosts, and spooky stuff. the music, though, is much scarier than the scene. those people are some of the nicest folks I've ever met.

GGG: what was your first contact with horrorpunk?
HTM: 7th grade ('97) on the Bus ride home from school. my buddy had Misfits Collection II. I listened to it and immediately insisted he let me take it home so i could burn it. I've never been the same.

GGG: why did you start/play in a horrorpunk band (not a regular punkband for example)?
HTM: well, I was in many bands (punk, black metal, screamo, etc.) before I started Fifty Two Ways. horrorpunk always spoke to me though. I wanted to write songs about things i liked (zombies, monsters, fear, etc.) but all the bands I was in were writing about girls and "crying about girls". I decided I was going to write tunes MY WAY.

GGG: what does horror in general means to you?
HTM: horror, to me, means something that turns your stomach. something that all your deepest darkest fears and secrets come from. horror doesn't necessarily mean "blood and guts" or even death. horror is an emotion that, normally, doesn't get exorcised that much. that's why it's so powerful.

GGG: there are millions of horror fans in the world (movies etc). in your opinion, why do barely people know about horrorpunk?
HTM: well, punk as a "genre" is still very underground. punk is associated with "lack of talent" as well. and that couldn't be further from the truth. I think that's why people don't really know about it. they're more into TOP 40 Pop tunes than raw punk about horror.

GGG: most horrorpunk bands say that it's difficult to get booked for a show. in your opinion, why is it like that?
HTM: it's hard enough to get people to come out to a local show for bands they've never heard of, let alone a band they've never heard of wearing "corpse paint" covered in blood. the "horror" label really dictates the turn out at shows. also the majority of venues don't promote the bands they're booking.

GGG: how did the horrorpunk scene develop/change since you are part of it?
HTM: it's a little more relevant, but not by much. when i was young there were The Misfits and The Cramps but that was it. and they were "old bands". the scene didn't really start untl the second generation of horrorpunk bands started (i.e. Blitzkid, Mister Monster). but since I've been "a part" of it it's shaped up to be a pack of very loyal fans for bands who are just as loyal to them.

GGG: what's your favorite memory when it comes to horrorpunk?
HTM: I have many, but the one that popped into my head first was at the past GNO 2014. I have an unorthidox way of checking mics. I make a "dry-heave" or pukeing sound as loud as i can into the microphone. well, I was able to get the entire room "puke" with me all at once. It was hilarious and very memorable. hahah, i'm laughing about it now.

GGG: what are your three favorite horrorpunk bands?
HTM: currently....... Darrow Chem. Co, The Jasons, The Cryptoids........... and Blitzkid (of course)

GGG: what are your three favorite non-horrorpunk bands?
HTM: Blink 182, Van Halen and Michael Jackson

GGG: if you'd have to describe your current band with five words, which words would that be?
HTM: ear-bleeding paranormal pop punk

GGG: what are your next plans with your band?
HTM: we've been working on an ALL NEW record this year. we're hoping to have it available to everyone next year. we're very excited about that. ut's been 5+ yrs since we did a recording.

GGG: thanks for your time. anything you wanna add?
HTM: Stay Gold. Stay Dead. Walk Hard.

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