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The Horror Family about the scene: Joey Lowe

Dragnun, Living Dead Recordings, Graveyard Greaser Gang

 "[horrorpunk is barely known] because the music industry is over filled with whats trendy and people can dance to or what sells more records."


Graveyard Greaser Gang: "horrorpunk is not a genre, it's a scene"! what does this mean to you?
Joey Lowe: to me it means that this genre of music has done more than most, the fans it creates and musicians it molds. being that there arent as many of us as we'd like. that we have all become like family in a sense, everyone supports everyone else endeavors and its not a competition of who/what's better. it's more of a network of people striving for the same goal.

GGG: how would you describe horrorpunk to people who are not familiar with the music/scene? 
JL: I guess it's best described as punk with a bit of love for the things that go bump in the night to be cliche. the people involved are true horror advocates and this style of music allows us to express that in just another form. be it our lyrics, stage attire, ect. AND Its Fun!

GGG:: what was your first contact with horrorpunk? 
JL: my first horror punk experience was in October of 1999 when my girlfriend and her friends were going to see this band "Blitzkid", across town. at the time I didnt want to go. I didnt know that going to that show was forever going to alter my life. Im damn glad I went!

GGG: why did you start/play in a horrorpunk band (not a regular punkband for example)? 
JL: Ever since my first experience with the genre I wanted to be as big apart of it as possible, I had finally found my home and wanted to experience as much of it as possible, from a booking/supporter stance to a performance point of view.

GGG: what does horror in general means to you? 
JL: to me horror can mean alot of things to diffrent people. I guess it depends on the person. I personally like to think traditionally. I hear the word "Horror" and think back to the classic universal monsters movies I grew up watching with my dad. I was brought up watching the classics and to this day still have a love for the traditional idea of horror: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, ect.

GGG: there are millions of horror fans in the world (movies etc). in your opinion, why does barely people know about horrorpunk? 
JL: it is sad that the music hasnt branched out more than it should. I think it's because the music industry is over filled with what's trendy and people can dance to or what sells more records. horrorpunk to some is no diffrent than punk.and that genre has always kind of struggled I think. But I also believe the bigger our scene grows the more likely that it will be accepted on a broader horizon. and we have the dedication to see that thru to fruition.

GGG: most horrorpunk bands say that it's difficult to get booked for a show. in your opinion, why is it like that? 
JL: it's more difficult I think because when you say "horrorpunk" to someone unfamiliar with the genre they aren't aware we have supporters almost everywhere and are most likely afraid the band wont draw a crowd big enough. or its just an area maybe more based on metal. I'd say every band in the horror scene has struggled with this at some point.

GGG: how did the horrorpunk scene develop/change since you are part of it? 
JL: in my 16 years in the scene, Ive watched it grow from just a couple of bands from the east coast to a world wide thing. it has expanded 1000 times bigger than it was then and I hope it only develops more as time goes on.

GGG: what's your favorite memorie when it comes to horrorpunk? 
JL: my absolute FAVORITE memory/memories was the last north american Blitzkid tour. I was very fortunate to be apart of. it began in Ohio and took me all across the country ending at Ghouls Night Out. I've met so many of the horror family since then and became very close with so many of them. I couldnt point out just one person or one single show, but that summer was DEF the best for me.

GGG: what are your three favorite horrorpunk bands? 
JL: Blitzkid, Calabrese, The Crimson Ghosts

GGG: what are your three favorite non-horrorpunk bands? 
JL: Johnny Cash, Volbeat, Slipknot

GGG: if you'd have to describe your current band with five words, which words would that be? 
JL: I dont think I can sum it up in five words, BUT just know we're working on a new sound. I just hope it will take.

GGG: what are your next plans with your band? 
JL: as of now were struggling with a member change, Currently working with a new singer. I suppose our next goal is Mr. Reed (Drummer) and myself are going to attempt to finish writing the bands second album which we started last summer. but as life would have it, still not complete. we may incorporate ideas from any new members, but the first half is already done. just waiting to get started on it.

GGG: thanks for your time. anything you wanna add? 
JL: yes. in the words of the immortal Blitzkid: "Long Live The Horror"

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