Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Horror Family about the scene: DanDan Delirious

Dr. Hell

"I'm really thankfull for all the places we've been traveling to and for the contacts and friendships that wouldn't exist without Dr. Hell"

Graveyard Greaser Gang: "horrorpunk is not a genre, it's a scene"! what does this mean to you?
DanDan Delirious: As the genre isn't as big as most others it's pretty comprehensible.
You get to know the people who are into the same kinda stuff as you are pretty fast – I think the Horror-Scene is really supportive and ready to welcome every new member to the family.

GGG: how would you describe horrorpunk to people who are not familiar with the music/scene?
DD: -Take the energie of punkrock
mix it up with some universal horror classics
just love it

GGG: what was your first contact with horrorpunk?
DD: My first contact with horrorpunk was at the age of 13 or 14 when I recieved a CD from a friend with a few Misfits Songs. Well... I think it's time for a big „thank you“ at this point!

GGG: why did you start/play in a horrorpunk band (not a regular punkband for example)?
DD: I've played in a regular german Punkband for years just as our drummer and our guitarist did too. At one point we wanted to do something new. Something that's not as common as (ordinary) punkrock. As I became a big horror fan over the years I convinced them to play Horrorpunk

GGG: what does horror in geneneral mean to you?
DD: Horror means everything to me! I love the movies, the books, the games and almost everything that's somehow horror related. Even may day job is pure horror! haha
GGG: there are millions of horror fans in the world (movies etc). in your opinion, why does barely people know about horrorpunk?
DD: Well I think that the world isn't interested in „real“ music anymore. It's all about plastic. Labels wanna make money and the audience want to hear stupid and senseless autotune bullshit. Punkrock is, compared to the mainstream, a really small genre and horrorpunk is an even smaller part of it.

GGG: most horrorpunk bands say that it's difficult to get booked for a show. in your opinion, why is it like that?
DD: I think that's bullshit. It's not harder to get booked for a horrorpunk band than it is for any other small or new band. We got a shitload of Horror Bands in germany but most of them seem to be waiting for requests. If you want to play live you have to get your lazy ass up and write some mails!

Where not playin' as much as we want – but we're workin' on it!

GGG: how did the horrorpunk scene develop/change since you are part of it?
DD: In my opinion there are more and more people who are interessted in horrorpunk. Probaly thanks to all the Social Networks... That's great! But sometimes it seems like horrorpunk is just some kinda internet thing for a lot of people... Wich is not so great!

GGG: what's your favorite memorie when it comes to horrorpunk?
DD: There are a ton of great memories. We've played shows with a lot of great bands (known and unknown). the WGT in 2013 was another great experience. We've partied hard with really cool people and musicans. I'm really thankfull for all the places we've been traveling to and for the contacts and friendships that wouldn't exist without Dr. Hell.

GGG: what are your three favorite horrorpunk bands?
DD: Oh that's a tough one. It totally depends on my mood but I think I can live with answering that question with the Misfits, Mister Monster and Blitzkid.

GGG: what are your three favorite non-horrorpunk bands?
DD: Easy: CKY, Turbonegro and the Ramones

GGG: if you'd have to describe your current band with five words, which words would that be?
DD: Bloody Punkrock In Your Face!!!

GGG: what are your next plans with your band?
DD: World Domination! And if we find the time maybe a new CD and more shows of course!

GGG: thanks for your time. anything you wanna add?
DD: You're welcome – keep the GGG alive... or undead?
Anyway... you know what I mean...CHEERS to all of you

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